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Rocketry Accessories

Here you will find custom designed launch equipment, range boxes, rocket racks or any other type of rocketry related equipment that would not fall into any of the other groups on this site.

NOTE -- If you're having problems opening any of the files by clicking on them, it's more thank likely due to your browser not setup to display TIFF files.  Instead of left clicking the link, right click the link of the file you want.  Choose to "Save Target As" from the menu that pops up.  You can then save the file directly to your hard drive where you can open it with your favorite image editor.

Accessory Type Description Submitted By:
Pompom Maker A jig for making Teflon pompoms (permanent ejection wadding alternative). Bit Eimer
Portable Rocket Rack An ingenious design for storing your rockets at home, and carrying them to the launch site. Bit Eimer

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