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Decals created by BAR's and Cloners

Have you become bored with the same, tired decals that still have '60s coffee stains on them? So have we.

This page is for original artwork for making your own ink-jet and laser decals. If you see something you like, download it and enjoy.

If you've become SO tired of the old stuff that you have already created your own decal sheets, we'd like to see your work and post them here for others to enjoy.

NOTE -- If you're having problems opening any of the files by clicking on them, it's more thank likely due to your browser not setup to display TIFF files.  Instead of left clicking the link, right click the link of the file you want.  Choose to "Save Target As" from the menu that pops up.  You can then save the file directly to your hard drive where you can open it with your favorite image editor.

Decal Name Description Submitted By:
Aero-Fin Aero-Fin should have the lower 2" - 3" painted a matching green, with the rest of the body white. All of the decals should go on the white areas. Craig McGraw
Alpha K-25 The Alpha is standard white, one black fin, and red nose. Craig McGraw
Apogee II White overall, with alternating black (or dark blue) fins, and a dark blue or black nose cone. Match the nose to the fins.
The large decals go on the booster fins. If the colors on the fins are white-fin, black-fin, then two decals go on one fin, both faces. If the fins are painted one-side-white, one-side-black (blue), then the decals go on the white side of the fins.
The name strip goes on the sustainer, typically with the "A" end toward the rear. Use one or both strips. Both should fit on a BT-20 tube cleanly, but if not, then the whole decal might be reduced about 10-15% without a loss of detail (such as it is). Alternately, only use one name strip.
Craig McGraw
Avenger K-38 The Avenger is all white, except for the nose cone, which should be painted to match the green of the decal. Craig McGraw
BAR Iron-On The old Estes logo iron-on re-designed for us BAR's. Bit Eimer
BAR Iron-On (Reversed) The old Estes logo iron-on re-designed for us BAR's.  This image is reversed (mirrored image). Bit Eimer
Big Bertha K-23 The Big Bertha is white, with black nose and two black fins (opposing fins -- black, white, black, white). Craig McGraw
Cougar The Cougar should be white overall, with blue lower body (including fins). Craig McGraw
Drifter K-14 The Drifter is all white, with red nose cone and either red or blue fins. Craig McGraw
Laser The Laser should be painted an electric blue for the decals to show up correctly. Craig McGraw
Decal 1
Decal 2
The "Loadstar" image runs along the sustainer body, and the tri-stars can go on the booster fins. Craig created mirror images of the tri-stars so they could be placed on both sides of the fins. Each sheet includes ONE copy of each unique decal and the user should make a selection of which image(s)to use. Copy-n-paste the selections onto a new image sheet as needed to create the final decal artwork. R. Lambert

TIF conversion by Craig McGraw

Micron The Micron is all white. The color comes from the decal. This is a variation of the original scheme, and the decal can also be used on other BT-20 rockets. Craig McGraw
Payloader I created a "new" decal sheet for the Payloader, based on the original catalog photo. A simple B&W image. Color scheme for the Payloader is solid white, no additional color trim. The decal itself is the only color break. Check out the '62 Centuri catalog, page 12, from the Ninfinger files, to see the original scheme to compare with and get the general idea of the layout (64cen12.jpg). This can be printed on either CLEAR or WHITE decal paper. The checkerboard decal also includes those two bars, top and bottom, as one piece. The name and logo decal runs lengthwise, ending about 1" below the checkerboard set (this decal was not in the original pattern). One of the remaining bars goes 2" up from the bottom, and the last one needs to be cut into three pieces -- length to fit between the fins. These get placed at the bottom of the tube. Craig McGraw
Ranger K-6 The Ranger is a special image. It needs to be divided up into two sets, one for printing on clear decal paper, and one for white paper. The inverted images of the numbers and the logos should be on the white sheets. The scheme is a white body, with each fin white on one side, black on the other. The reversed images go on the black side. The nose cone is red. Craig McGraw
Starfire New decal artwork for the Centuri Starfire. Can also be used for an Estes Calypso. Paint scheme is red, orange or blue fins and nose cone, white body. The top edge of the big wrap (one of the double bars) should be about 1/16" down from the top end of the tube. Print the fin decals (the flaming stars) on white decal paper. The others can be printed on clear or white (they'll be on a white background in any event). Craig McGraw

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